Man haven’t done cardio in forever!!!! Woke up early this morning… As usual… But instead of just laying in bed I got up and got to work!!! Had a protein shake with the usual @musclegauge whey and some @ehplabs #oxyshred for some caffeinated energy!!! Only did 30 mins of outside jog/run/walk.. Don’t even know how people do a full hour on the treadmill😲 I die.. Kudos to you!!! But anyways💢💢 MAKE YOUR DAYS COUNT! Each new day is a new opportunity to get to your goals. You get closer and closer every day. Don’t you dare quit!!
And my refuellll was Greek yogurt, strawberries, chia seeds, granola, and nutbutter! 😍😍😍😍 #vmfityear2014 #vmfitfood #vmfitness #onedayatatime #motivation #morningmotivation#fitness#fitquote #gymmotivation #newday

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Dinner noms were 2 boca veggie burgers, broccoli and spinach! MMMMMMM simple tastiness #vmfitfood #vmfityear2014

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Snack attack of apple slices andddd a PLETHORA OF NUTBUTTER GOODNESS! I combined my favorite nutbutters into one:
🔹 @youfreshnaturals cinnamon roll coconutbutter
🔹 @5150nutbutter “health nut”
🔹 @sweetspreads cinnamon roll nutbutter
🔹protein plus powdered peanut flour with water from @iherbinc (basically PB2 with more protein! Use discount code “VEP693 at checkout!)

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MY POST WORKOUT LUNCH😍😍😍 #costco salmon burger with kale, hummus, sriracha, cayenne, and a baked sweet potato. Mmmmmmm going to inhale this now. #vmfitfood #vmfityear2014 #fitfoods #intuitiveeating

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Made a little parfait for @kiasfitfarekff #parfaittuesdays !!
Mine had layers of:
🔹flax meal and chia seeds
🔹maca powder
🔹Greek yogurt mixed with @musclegauge @gaugegirltraining whey in peanut butter flavor 😍😍 (I’ll always stand by #musclegauge for my protein because it’s honestly the most flavorful I’ve ever had and I love the nutrition profile! Get 20% off mgnstore.com if you use coupon “vmfitness”!!!)
#vmfitfood #vmfityear2014

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Remember, every day can be a new day to smash your goals. Stop putting it off. If you had started when you wanted to, you’d be so much closer to your goals right now! KEEP GOING

#motivated #moderation #morningmotivation #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #fitquote #fitness #fitnessmotivation #gymmotivation

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🍉large strawberries
🔹optional coconut flakes
💚1 @questnutrition bar of choice (I used coconut cashew)

🍓cut bottom off strawberry so it stands. Don’t cut too much off or the quest syrup will seep through!!
🍓cut tops off strawberries and hollow out the inside with a scooper or knife or spoon
🍓break questbar in pieces and add 2 tsp water and microwave for 20 seconds - mix well until thick consistency (you may need to add more or less water to reach consistency)
💢🍓pour quest bar syrup into hollowed strawberries! Top with coconut flakes!
🍓put in the fridge to harden a bit! Then ENJOY!

#recipe #glutenfree

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An awesome carepackage I got from @betterbodyfoods earlier this year but forgot to post about. Ingredients I love cooking with: vanilla, coconut oil, and agave! I usually replace only half the honey for a recipe with some agave bc I just love honey in general 😍😍 tonight I’m going to whip up some delicious desserts from this cookbook now that I can bake again!! YAYYYYYY #bakeallday

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ANDDD my day so far: DONUT! My first baked pastry in 40 days - #stritesdonuts OMG if you live in Harrisonburg, you better get yourself these donuts they’re AMAZINGGGGG! And then there’s a yummy egg kale spinach stuffed Joseph’s flax pita and a snack of Greek yogurt with flax meal, almond butter, @musclegauge peanut butter flavored whey, and some almonds!!!! 😍😍😍😍 #nomacros #justlivin #intuitiveeating go read my blogpost!

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Monday, you’re mine.
A day for new beginnings. New triumphs, new success. MAKE YOUR DAYS COUNT! Be proud of your journey and keep up the hustle👊👊

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Hope everyone had an amazing Easter with loved ones and happy memories ❤️❤️🙏

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Baked a @questnutrition brownie #questbar, sliced it, and stuffed with @sweetspreads #maplesyrup flavored nutbutter ….. Uhmm.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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Mm lunch time #sushi 😍😍😍😍 #moderationnotdeprivation

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YAYAYA @iherbinc package came in woopwoooop. My haul consisted of:
Organic ketchup, almonds, SRIRACHAAAAA, half pops (ehh not that good..), lotion, a #blender bottle, teriyaki sauce, shampoo and conditioner, almond milk, and those puffins I’ve been LOVING!!!!

Other goodies I HIGHLY SUGGEST:
🔹pb2 or protein plus peanut flour (defatted peanut flour! Mix with water and you get a lower cal and fat nutbutter!) 🔹QUEST BARS! Cheapest I’ve seen are on iherb.com ! 🔹coconut and almond flour for some #glutenfree baking! 🔹gluten free goodies in general (they have SO MANY) .
Just check out their site! There’s so many goodies!!!
And use my discount code ✨”VEP693”✨ at checkout!

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